VW Transporter T4 Camping Trailer pod Project Business Ect

VW Transporter T4 Camping Trailer pod Project. Project that I haven’t got round to finishing was planning to make into a camping pod for my kids but I have whey to manny projects on the go. I’ll start with the good bits tows really well. 19 rs6 alloys with decent tyres. Rear tinted tail lights. […]

Car trailer transporter Flat Bed Trailer

Single axle car trailer homemade, steel and aluminium construction not been used for a while so now surplus to requirements, needs going through, brakes, maybe new wood general tlc etc tyres good, has a winch and heavy duty ramps spare wheel and spare tyres included. Used to transport kit cars and small cars for personal […]

Car transporter trailer twin axle

2.7t gross weight. Ramps slide behind number plate. Removable wheel and tyre rack. I bought this new last December to carry my track car on. I no longer have the track car so don’t require the trailer. Hardly any mileage and in excellent condition. My track car was very low and had no issues getting […]