Flat Trailer

Whether you’re moving goods for work or simply transporting cargo for personal use, this trailer has got you covered. It’s a 6×4 bed with a wheel block for transporting motorcycles but doesn’t need to be used for that.

Car trailer transporter Flat Bed Trailer

Single axle car trailer homemade, steel and aluminium construction not been used for a while so now surplus to requirements, needs going through, brakes, maybe new wood general tlc etc tyres good, has a winch and heavy duty ramps spare wheel and spare tyres included. Used to transport kit cars and small cars for personal […]

Drop side Dropside/ Flat bed Flatbed Builders Trailer

Drop side/ Flatbed Trailer. 14ft long in total including drawbar. Trailer load area is 10ft long x 5’6 wide. This has been ours for many years and provided faithful service. The chassis was totally rebuilt by a local engineer a couple of years ago at vast expense. The bed and sides are 3/4 inch marine […]

Car trailer for sale used flat bed 14 feet by 6 feet 6 inches

This is an Alko caravan chassis that has been made into a flat trailer, 4 meter 38cms (14 feet 4 inches) long. 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches) wide and 1 meter 50cms (6 feet) wide between the wheel arches. The trailer has been covered in galvanised steel sheets sealed to prevent water getting underneath […]