Car Motorcycle Enclosed Twin Axle Trailer with Ramp, Lighting, Winch, Movers

Twin axle awesome Car Motorcycle Enclosed Trailer. This trailer has everything – Fully loaded – Fantastic Twin Wheeled Enclosed and Braked Car trailer with. “Assisted” drop down ramp, and. Electric winch (with REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION). Heavy Duty battery with Solar recharging. Internal LED lighting, and 240V AUX Electric hook-up. Tyres are all new, plus there […]

Motorcycle / Motorbike Touring Trailer with Wheel Grabs

Twin Axil Braked Touring Trailer, with cooker in bulkhead The internal box dimensions are approximately 3000mm x 1500mm x 1300mm. Floor to Roof is 1350mm. Floor to 3x highest beams 1320mm. Floor to 1x lowest beam by bulkhead 1300mm (this is the drainage channel and hinge for roof). Width to outer panels 1500mm. Width to […]