Erde 102

Erde 102 trailer fully serviced new wheel bearings and 1 complete new hub new wheels and tyres lights fully working with weather proof cover please call or message Unthank Trailer Services with any questions or to view please thanks.

ERDE 102 trailer

ERDE 102 trailer tow’s really well ideal multipurpose little trailer has new wheel bearings and full working lights the previous owner refloored it with buffalo bord. Was not looking it’s best when I got it have removed all the old green paint and addressed a few cosmetic issues.

Erde 142 Tipping Trailer With Raised Cover And Frame

This Erdé 142 Trailer is perfect for use as a camping trailer and carrying garden waste etc. The trailer features a tipping mechanism and a removable tailgate, making loading and unloading far easier, especially with bulk materials such as earth, sand and gravel. It is fitted with torsion suspension and shock absorbers. Recessed light clusters […]

Erde 122 Camping Trailer Full Mesh Top & Cover. Fully Lockable

Erde 122 Camping Trailer For Sale. Used, in great condition. Cash on collection preferred. With original chassis plate & number. Fully secure, fully lockable on or off your vehicle. The trailer comes with all extras listed below. Unique Design – Full Mesh Sides & Mesh Top. Spare Wheel & Mounting. New AL-KO Safety Ball with […]

Erde PM310 Single Motorcycle Trailer

Erde PM310 Single Motorcycle Trailer. Carries 1 motorbike up to 240kg. External body dimensions 245x145x78cm. Internal body dimensions 200x112cm. Maintenance free rubber suspension. Robust, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction. Comes with spare bearings and clips, spare wheel clamp. Iv added onto in quick release number plate holder. Comes with light weight ramp what’s rare as most […]